Who we are

We are a small diverse congregation gathered around the Word of God.  We take the Bible seriously, and believe it is the path to know God.  We have found Christ to be the Son of God, and the only acceptable Sacrifice for our sins.  Our salvation is all of His grace, received only by faith.  Like Christ, we seek to be full of grace and full of truth.  Our congregation has both new and old believers in many stages of spiritual growth.  As Baptists, we immerse believers in water and follow a congregational system of church government.  The church votes upon a pastor, and he makes day-to-day functional decisions.  Major church decisions are decided by the congregation. Whether you are a committed Christian or simply a curious non-believer, we are happy to welcome you.

What to expect

Being a Guest doesn’t have to be strange or uncomfortable.  We all came here once for the first time too.  This information will help you know what to expect on your first visit.
You will find a range of dress at Every Nation with a majority of attendees wearing dressy casual or dress clothes.  The Pastor usually wears a suit and tie.  We do not have a dress code, and are more interested in you than in what you are wearing.
Our services generally last from 60-90 minutes, with our 11am service being the shortest and our Wednesday prayer service being the longest.  We sing songs both old and new with a piano.  After the sermon we often have a time of response, where you can pray alone or speak with a Bible counselor.
Nursery and Small Children
We offer nursery through age 3 for all services.  For older children, we have classes for both Sunday services.  Our children’s workers are trained and screened prior to serving.